Streetstyle Favourite: Matrix Sunglasses

Streetstyle Favourite: Matrix Sunglasses

Okay, you guys! Let’s jump into this real quick. I have been getting some crazy amount of DM’s and comment’s on Instagram for my vintage skinny sunglasses. The one’s that I’ve been wearing are from a vintage brand via ASOS Marketplace. However, I did promise you guys that I’ll link some affordable Indian alternatives.

Before we start linking and shopping, I wanted to quickly talk about this trend. Super skinny, futuristic Matrix-inspired sunglasses have got to be Instagram’s favourite eyewear this summer. The whole point of Matrix sunglasses is that they are very small-and narrow — so small that they should just cover the tiniest sliver of your face. These sunglasses are inspired from the sci fi move The Matrix. This year, the fashion industry has been gravitating towards all futuristic trends, that being vinyl trench coats or ugly oversized sneakers. Even though I’m not too keen on other sci fi trends, I’m actually feeling the whole skinny sunglasses vibe..

Now, here are some of my favourites.

ASOS DESIGN small cat eye fashion glasses



















Metal Frame Cat Eye Glasses


















Tinted Lens Gigi Micro Sunnies



















Black Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses



Missamore Skinny Sunglasses















Gold Rimmed Sunglasses

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