The collective composition of my take on today’s fashion and style can be experienced through my editorial blog Cosmo & Fries. Trying to create a league of my own in today’s competitive chaos of art and fashion.

Unusual and unconventional are the basic guidelines to my curated journey of Cosmo & Fries.

It’s a camouflage of Metropolitan fashion with an extra scoop of personal style that every 20 something will relate to.

Juggling between two fashion forward cities of London and Mumbai, with diverse culture but a common love for Fashion and Art. This Blog will share my love for Fashion, Travel and Shoes!!

Yes, I’m gonna be the broke lady who lived in her shoes.

Calling out to all you beautiful Carrie Bradshaw disciples out there, I’m definitely leading the pack.



Lots of Love to Ruman Baig, Mili Chawla Majumdar, Pooja J Bhatia xx


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